Mimi’s Hotel Soho London

Mimi’s in Soho

Micro Hotel – Mega Convenience

This superbly located hotel on Frith Street in London’s Soho district is a 5-10 minute walk from each of Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Oxford Street, so whilst it might be small on space, its goes large on convenience.

These ‘micro’ hotels – like the Z Hotels in central London – are trending, and they’re a realistic alternative for the visitor who expects to spend nearly all of their waking time, well, visiting. If you want to lounge around the hotel on your holiday, then Mimi’s is probably not for you.

We booked 5 nights in Mimi’s smallest double room, just a bed and an en suite really, and no windows. We were a little worried about claustrophobia and cabin fever, but we also knew this was just a place to sleep at night.

The price was excellent, so it worked for us.

The hotel is clean and modern with 24 hour reception. Staff were helpful and courteous, and there is a cafe/bar in the foyer if you need some break out space from the room (or your partner). Wifi is free throughout the hotel.

The room consisted of a king bed (wall on 3 sides – kudos to the domestic staff who made up the room perfectly each day), an entry big enough for one person to stand in, and a small but well appointed en suite.

The shower was hot and strong, which is about the most important thing in a hotel bathroom.

There’s a wall mounted TV above the foot of the bed. Storage is under the bed and a coat hook behind the door. Dual occupants need to coordinate their movements fairly carefully to make this work – suggest one person goes out to get coffee while the other gets ready in the morning!

The room was quiet and dark (no windows, remember) and the bed is comfortable, so totally restful at night.

At around $200 AUD per night (we booked through Qantas Hotels) it’s competing in the same price bracket as the Oxford Street Youth Hostel.

Mimi’s is great value for a clean, modern, full service hotel in central London.

2 thoughts on “Mimi’s Hotel Soho London

  • London hotels are astoundingly expensive and small! My son and I stayed at a Travelodge in December, it was my first time trying that chain. And it won’t be my last as it was super cheap (for London), clean and quiet. Plus the room was on ok size (not big by any means but there was room for suitcases LOL).


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