Points Magnet Part 7

Walk this Way

This is a no-brainer if you want free points to boost your Frequent Flyer balance. Download the Qantas Wellbeing from your app store or use this link:  

https://go.qantaswellbeing.com/LpEQS9dbfX (full disclosure: we will both get 150 points if you use this link) 

This app rewards you for walking! Synch it to your phone’s health app or step counter, set your daily and weekly targets and start walking. You’ll get points each day and week that you meet your target. The more steps you do the more points you’ll get. 

You’ll get 150 points just for downloading and logging into the app. And then for a trial 28 day period you could earn 1500 points for being active. After the trial you’ll still earn points but at a greatly reduced rate.  

There are extra points for healthy sleeping habits too. 

And you can earn 150 points every time you successfully refer someone to the app – refer your partner and kids for instant points (points for you and points for them). Get onto to your extended family for more points.  

Look, this is not going to get you that first class award flight to London but… its FREE POINTS! Here’s an example of what you (and your family) could earn in a year: 

Wellbeing Points 
Download Bonus 150 
Trial 1500 
Sleep 90 
Points post trial 960 
3 Referrals 450 
3 Family Downloads 450 

If you have a Qantas Health Insurance product you will continue to earn points at the FULL rate after the trial period. (You should do you own research before taking out or switching to Qantas Health Insurance. It offers some very tempting bonus points, but unless it works out to the same price or cheaper, it may not be worth chasing this particular source of points.) 

An added benefit of the Wellbeing app is that it effectively protects your frequent Flyer account from ever being wiped out by points Expiry (see Points Magnet Part 6). Points are credited roughly every week, so you only have to hit your step target one day a week and your Frequent Flyer points balance is safe forever! 

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